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Postage Statement ID: 125594545

Entry Type: Non-Discounted (None)

Drop-Off Date: 12/14/2020

Routes Selected: 2

Total Mailpieces: 906

Order Total: $203.85 (to be paid via Postal Wizard)

What do I do next?


Double-check your mailpieces.

We have specific requirements for mailpiece size and format.

  • Use our Mailpiece Size Checker or read our EDDM Quick Reference Guide to make sure your mailings meet size requirements.

  • Include the approved EDDM Retail® Indicia (the postage payment mark that takes the place of a regular postage stamp or meter stamp). Get more information on EDDM Postage.

  • Need help? Our third-party vendors can help you format, design, print, and prepare your mailing to meet Postal Service standards. Find a Local Printer.


Prepare your mailing bundle(s).

Bundle your mailing in stacks of 50-100 mailpieces. Bundles may not be higher than 6".


Print out your processing forms.

The Mailing Statement and Facing Slip forms tell the Postal Service how to process and deliver your order.

Each bundle needs a Facing Slip on top.

For example, for your order with mailpieces:

Bundles of 50 would require Facing Slips.

Bundles of 100 would require Facing Slips.

Fill out all Facing Slips with your mailing information.

  • Write the number of mailpieces in each bundle on the Facing Slip.

  • If you have multiple bundles, number each as "1 of X" (where X is the total number of bundles).

  • If customers requested to be removed from your mailings, please include their addresses in the "Do Not Deliver Address" column on the Facing Slip.


Submit your mailings and forms to the Post Office locations listed below on .

For more information, see the Retail Post Office Location Listing Form.


Pay for postage.

If you haven't already paid for your postage online, you may do so at the Post Office facility. We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash

  • Debit/credit cards

  • Meter strips

  • Checks or money orders (made payable to "US Postal Service" or "Postmaster")


Double-check your mailpieces.

We have specific requirements for mailpiece size and format.


Print out your processing forms.

You will need to have 1 copy of the following forms.


Pay for and finalize your order at Postal Wizard.


Bring your mailing(s) and forms to the BMEU on .

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